This video on YouTube starts with telling about three doors, a central main door and two smaller doors. It starts at 5'50". The speaker sees a resemblance between ancient buildings and concludes that the same "universal religion" must have existed throughout our world or, as he describes it, a "wisdom tradition." A universal wisdom based on the number 3, the triptych.

08'35" This universal wisdom or religion taught what is called in Latin as: "coincidentia oppositorum" which means "the union or harmony of opposites."

10'00” In Africa, Asia and America, the same religion was taught in ancient times, with as fundamental knowledge the balance of opposites.

11'30” The image below is a photo of the entrance to Rockefeller Center in New York. A main entrance with God above, on the right a door with a man above and on the left a door with a woman above. God is the "I", the woman and man our South and North Pole. In ancient times it was already taught that we should get our woman and man in balance. Why has this wisdom gone lost?

According to Richard Cassaro’s research, the speaker in this video, the brotherhood of freemasonry designed the cathedrals in Europe on behalf of the church. They hid their knowledge as symbolism in these cathedrals. The church got in disagreement with the brotherhood and wanted to get rid of them. It is possible that the church began to understand that the unity of man and woman, the teaching that the brotherhood taught, would create strong people and she would lose her hold on humanity. You can't rule over strong people. It is possible that in that period the Inquisition was created to destroy everything and everyone that taught such a knowledge that could undermine its dominant position.

29'30" Auteur Warren Kenton : "Erected bij the masons, the west front of each church had two towers ... the masculine and feminine aspect ..."

32'20" "... no human of course is completely one gender or the other despite our physical characteristics. We all possess both, masculine and feminine ..."

This video is important evidence for me that the power of man is the unity of man and woman. The "I" must realize a balance between the two opposites within it selves.

It is very unfortunate, but on the other hand also very understandable, that the most essential knowledge that we need to make our happiness, was once present in our history and then got lost and even been destroyed by the Church with force. After all, if you raise the issue of male/female you cannot get around their sexual relationship with each other and that is exactly where everyone would rather not talk about. Also in this video, Richard Cassaro does not mention a word about it. This video has a part 2.

The center door is the ‘I’ or ‘me’. The two smaller doors are the male and female aspect of us, or North- and South Pole. The third eye opens the moment the energy of the male enters into the female. When the prince kisses the princess she awakens. Awakening means to become aware of who we are and the universe as a whole. The princess is the female aspect of us and the female within us is our mind. The energy of our male - the prince - will enlighten our mind - the kiss - and we’ll see it all. Like you have lived your whole life in darkness and all of the sudden you find the light switch.

It is not fair to compare a man with our sun, a celestial body full of energy, warmth and light and the woman with a death satellite, our moon. Whomever said so was not the true keeper of the true knowledge. In French it is ‘le soleil’, in Spanish ‘el sol’. In both languages the sun has a masculine article. In French it is ‘la terre’, in Spanish ‘la tierra’. In both languages our planet has a feminine article. In Italian it is the same. Also, we talk about ‘mother’ earth. The picture below is worth a thousand words; it is the man who delivers the energy for the woman to give birth to a new creation.

In the best case scenario the moon is the child; born out of the mother as an image of the father.

                                                                              (With nature as a guide, impossible to get lost.)