So you reckon you had good sex after having a rousing orgasm?

Well ... you ain’t seen nothing yet !

An orgasm is an explosion in the body, not so much an explosion with a blast but rather an accelerated igniting of energy. The masculine pole extracts the universal energy from our environment, through which we charge up. This energy is heated by friction and compressed by way of concentration. You only need to look at your own experience, the intense concentration it takes to reach an orgasm, your entire body is tensed up. This energy is heated and compressed in such a way that it ignites spontaneously.

As a man has a penis, he can pass on some of this energy to his female partner, who in turn has the capacity to receive. But the woman also has a masculine pole, which in turn also extracts this universal energy from our environment. Together with the energy that she receives from her male partner, she therefore receives a double portion, which allows her to experience a more intense orgasm, or multiple.

In the end, that orgasm was only brief. When this energy of love continuously flows through your body, you constantly experience a soft, divine feeling of satisfaction and this is real sex, with your true man and your true woman and that only takes place after the ‘kiss’ and after that ‘kiss’ the bond is established, the real marriage that enables that constant flow.

And so, like little children we imitate reality. Men and women marry and premarital sex is forbidden in the name of religion.

But no matter how erotic your interactions with each other, it is nothing compared to the intimacy that you can experience when you are connected internally, then you feel that person completely inside. What we do together now is equivalent to showering with your clothes on. The intimacy that you experience when you are inwardly connected to each other’s souls is beyond description and that is what we really yearn for and miss.

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and this is true. When you love someone, you look your loved one in the eyes and suddenly you feel him/her inside of you, in your chest. Only then will you experience what true love really is, but then the fear and shame arise and it disappears again. Then you feel humble and insignificance, despondent you look forward to that long path you still have to go to be able to experience that feeling always. Then these words then came to me:

“If I can’t look in your eyes feeling what’s living within, then I’m just drifting around seeking what does not exist.”

In our society nobody dares to look another in the eyes, we’re all ashamed of something. We consciously avoid eye contact as if we know that thát is the way to gain inner contact with one another and for some reason we unconsciously do not allow ourselves to do so.

Our feminine pole is in the crown of our head, where men first start to go bald. In the top section of the image we see that all this is already known. The feminine aspect in us unfortunately functions as a cork on a delicious bottle of champagne, the flow cannot take place and we feel like a pressure vessel. Once the cork comes off it all releases. In the image below we see the Christian comedians who profile themselves as though they achieved that flow, and they therefore symbolically place a chimney on their head. The big boss’ chimney slightly bigger and more decorative than the others. But ja, Church may have had this knowledge at one time or another, but today these are all traditions upheld in ignorance.

Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place." (John 18:36)

The authors of the Jesus Christ story could hear the alarm bells ringing but were unable to pinpoint exactly where the sound was coming from. From the moment you are married you can manifest anything you think of. That means that you are the boss of your own life, you are king of your kingdom in this life in this place and nowhere else, and then you don’t need any servants to prevent your arrest because nobody will be able to arrest you in the first place.

When the marriage is performed and sex takes place for the first time, our female North Pole opens up, which you can symbolically compare to a crown placed on your head. In Christianity, saints are represented with a halo above their heads. Is it a coincidence that a diadem is a typical feminine jewel ? In Buddhism, this is symbolised by the lotus flower. The opening of our North Pole is symbolically compared to the opening of a lotus flower. In our Western society, the crown symbolizes this. I personally find the lotus flower a far more beautiful symbol for the female that opens up and reveals all her beauty.
Over the centuries, warlords have proclaimed themselves kings and have been crowned by their faith as the most powerful person in their kingdom. Faith - a gang of stand-up comedians who see themselves as the embodiment of the universe - performs that coronation because, indeed, when your North Pole opens you will be received with open arms throughout the universe. As though you’ve been locked up in your house all your life and then finally managed to get that damned front door open and there they are, all your loved ones waiting for you to come out. And this event therefore symbolises the stand-up comedian ‘bishop’ who crowns the stand-up comedian ‘king’.

Not only warlords with their ladies like to proclaim themselves crowned kings of their kingdom, the most beautiful girls in our society also long for the connection with the cosmos and to be crowned miss universe.

Christ died on the cross, and that is what the Church has accomplished by turning our thinking against our sexuality, the way we’ve come to feel about it or how we’ve come to think about it.

The woman nourishes the man’s powers and that is what our thinking - or the feminine in us - should do by paying attention to it in beauty and love as we freely allow the energy of love in our body and become strong. But the beautiful lotus flower does not show its beauty, it does not decorate our head as a beautiful crown, but rather presents itself as a crown of thorns with blood dripping thoughts. Our sexuality is not nourished and the masculine in us dies on the merciless cross of the feminine. The masculine within us, which is the energy to manifest our thoughts, enabling us to perform ‘miracles’ is denied access to our heads and we become powerless beings. The whole Christ story is the lurid counterpart to fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Sigurd the Dragon Slayer and the Frog Prince.

The body we inhabit is the dress we are wearing so we can participate in the physical world. As explained in the ‘It takes two’ document, as spiritual beings we cannot directly participate in the material world and therefore we need something like an astronaut suit, and this will be the body. Just think about those aliens from the movie Independence Day. There are only two outfits and that is the masculine and the feminine.

The big advantage of a cloak is that we can hide behind it and lie an end away. Nobody sees what we really look like spiritually in the sleeping world. As a man you can get yourself a nice tailor-made suit and appear desirable and especially women, through makeup and clothing, can hide their true nature until ... they take off their clothes. Most people are better off keeping their clothes on, a quality gratefully exploited in the great comedy show of magistracy. Magistrates and lawyers like to suit up in a dress so they can freely practice their profession as big shameless liars. Dito for cardinals, bishops and priests.

From the moment our feminine pole receives full energy from the masculine it shines like a star, we can manifest all our thoughts and we are therefore the most powerful person in our own lives. This, in turn, also means that we have power over others. After all, no one can do anything to you without your permission, you decide. The materialisation of this ‘light’ that we radiate is the hair on our heads and judges casually wear their wigs to show that they are the most powerful people who can decide the destiny of others as though they are a great shining light. This is also reflected in the story of Samson and Delilah, Samson’s power was in his hair. The South Pole between our legs is a sun that also shines, so we have pubic hair. Long hair is typically feminine because it is our feminine pole that emits this ‘light’. I have noticed that many women who end up in a divorce cut off all their long hair as if to say, “I don’t want to be a woman anymore.”

In the sleeping world we inhabit, we are not aware that the feminine in us is our mind and uses thought. The feminine hides and has her secrets and many women love to veil themselves, but above all keep secrets. Or they wear a head-scarf to symbolically block the flow of the energy of love and
some even go as far as to wear a burqa. In my country some fanatics are fighting their personal battle against Muslimas to prevent them from wearing a headscarf in public administrations, as if subconsciously they are aware of something.

If after a few years you’ve managed to make progress in this inward journey, you will start to see how our society is actually a huge comedy theatre and the ironic thing is that all those stand-up comedians take themselves comically seriously on top of it.
But when you start to see through all of that, you also start to see that, actually, we humans already know everything, and that is very strange indeed.