Science has discovered that space isn’t empty, something's out there, they don’t know what it is so they call it 'dark energy' and 'dark matter'.

What science hasn’t discovered yet is that a lightbulb doesn’t glow because it is burning its tungsten spiral, a lightbulb glows because electricity flows through it. Our sun doesn’t shine because it is burning some nuclear fuel. Our sun shines because this dark energy flows through it, just like electricity flows through a lightbulb. This dark energy, or universal energy, enters our sun at its south pole, flows through it and leaves again at its north pole.

That universal energy also flows through our planet. Also, it enters the south pole, flows through our planet and leaves again at the north pole. You can see this as the northern- and southern light at the poles. In this video of the northern light you can clearly see a flow of ‘something’ leaving our planet back into the universe. In this video of the southern light you can see a flow of ‘something’ entering our planet. Our planet is not the only planet in our solar system with pole lights, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus also have auroras.
This universal energy does with our planet the same as it does with the sun, the same as electricity does with the tungsten spiral of a lightbulb, it makes it hot. The reason our planet does not shine like a star is, of course, it is not big enough.

Faraday has discovered that; if you send an electric current through a conductor, it creates a magnetic field around it. Because the core of our planet is conductive material and this universal energy flows through it, therefore, we have a magnetic field.

This universal energy also flows through our body - or better, should flow through our body - it should enter our south pole and leaving again at our north pole and we all know that, or better, we feel the attempt of it to enter but we don’t know what it is and it does exactly the same with us as it does with the sun and our planet ; it makes us hot.

Therefore, to unlock the secrets of the universal energy we do not have to study the universe but our own body.

To understand the universe one does not have to be a scientist but a self-aware person.

This video is HD, watch it full screen.

Poetry : Karel Van Tornhaut - Music : Game of Thrones by Laura Platt & Pascal Michael Stiefel - Movie : Netflix/Our Planet