To better understand how the poles are oriented relative to each other we need to look at the body in a side profile view. In the image on the left-hand side we see how things unfortunately are.

The South Pole, or male pole, has tilted and radiates its energy outward. The man is looking for the woman in the wrong direction and vice versa.

The North Pole, or female pole, has turned against the male and revolved by 180° ; she is literally showing her "ass". Girls, if you want to have a baby, it has to go through the bottom, not the back.

The image on the right-hand side shows how it should be. Man and woman need to face each other, they need to be in line. Mind and sexuality have to be a divine team ; powered by the males’ energy the female shines like a star.

The power of man is the unity of man and woman, separate them and they'll become powerless beings. Obviously, the Church has once been in possession of this knowledge, yet abused it to turn people into weak beings for it to rule. You can't rule strong people. It separated men and women by making the exercise, which was bestowed upon us by nature to attain unity, into a sin.

By nature, man and woman yearn for each other. However, the ever-looming priest guards to it that it is forbidden; and don't even think about doing anything secretly, cause God sees all. But as long as we haven’t connected our North and South poles, this desire remains unanswered within us. What effect do you think this has on men and women? Exactly right, disagreement and quarreling, and so the cold war between the genders began. Multiply this by many centuries, a mentality which is passed on from generation to generation and the result is the world in which we now live in today, filled with drama, boredom and poverty but most of all ; lack of love.

The clergymen on these images proudly show what they have achieved. In their hands they hold a sphere with a cross on top. Let this exactly be the very symbol of the feminine gender but upside-down. The Church turned the female against the male by turning it 180°. This way around, it has separated the genders, mankind loses its strength and people became powerless beings.

What you fight becomes stronger and you become increasingly tired and weak. People fight against their sexuality with the result that they become enslaved to it and it rules their lives. Many people no longer control their sexuality or they suppress it forcefully, which results in back pain, obesity, anorexia, alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse, workaholism, sportaholism, etc.... every bird sings its song, every person according to their nature.

Whatever you fight you can't use to create your happiness and your life becomes a living hell. Our sexuality is our strength, our source of energy. You no longer will be able to use it, to wield the power to actualy get things done, to realize plans full of energy, to be creative, to intervene, to create something new, to come across full of persuasion but you feel tired, lazy, and listless.

Due to the dominant and dogmatic attitude of the Church, many people have begun to seriously doubt themselves and developed negative self-esteem with a serious lack of self-worth and self-love. This directly affects our sexuality, and such parents, of course, subconsciously pass this on to their children. Whoever swings the cradle, swings the world. Therefore, never judge homosexuality. The best way to learn to love yourself again is to love someone of your own gender. This healing process can take many lifetimes ... unfortunately.

Even though the Church has lost its dominant position in our Western society, it is still deeply embedded in our genes. What has been destroyed over centuries, is not restored within a few generations. Trust between the genders has been lost for centuries. In our times, the relationship between man and woman has been completely derailed.

If you use something or someone as a stick to beat the enemy, the day will come that stick will turn against you and so it happened. The Vatican no longer knows where to source the money to compensate their priests' sex scandals. The Vatican imposed obligatory celibacy on its priests without the concomitant knowledge, as a result, ignorant priests fought their own sexuality until it turned against them and they were no longer able to control themselves, grabbing hold of those who were least able to defend themselves. So you see, what you fight becomes stronger and you become weaker. The stronger you are the longer you can hold out but eventually you will break anyway.
So far, everything has been quite theoretical. The poles in our body, the male and female aspects within us, as well as their disorientation. It’s time for some clarification, and you'll find that the real issues that prevents our happiness are right in front of us. You are confronted with it every day and you don't even know it.

As stated in the document "It Takes Two":
The male pole needs no clarification, it is the female who veils herself and needs to be exposed. The female pole is nothing less than the mental aspect of us and uses the mind. It's the woman who speaks in our heads. Just like every other woman, she has to talk 20,000 words a day.

Shifting of the female pole inside us, rotated at 180°, means it has turned itself away. She does this by thinking of something else, turning around, not paying attention to the masculine within us - read sexuality - but rather, elsewhere. It's not that difficult to understand; if you are texting while driving, you shift your attention to your phone and not to the traffic on the road. The mind has moved her attention from the road to the phone and she does the same with the masculine aspect; she shifts her attention to something else. There are only two, the masculine and the feminine. If she no longer directs her attention to the male, there is only one left and this one is, of course, herself. There's much going on about mindset, the power of the mind, meditation, concentration ... many workshops, online seminaries, courses and books are available on this topic. The mind - or the feminine - completely consents to itself, it is regarded as the most important aspect, and the masculine - our sexuality - is being grossly neglected. Even today, with an Internet full of porn, a gruesome taboo stubbornly persists.

We find this feminine mentality in our society back. The woman is exclusively engaged in herself and her own interests and men are grossly neglected. Women think of themselves as the most important gender, the ones who deserve and should receive all the attention. They'd rather hug their pets than their husbands and they regard children as their personal property. This is the greatest pain men carry in their hearts. What you don't have to do as a man to get the attention of a woman, it borders on criminality and many men at age don't even bother anymore. The paradox is that women aren’t even aware of it. You have to be a man to experience the pain of the destructive hostility caused by the neglect and disregard of a woman.

Since women do not allow the warmth of the male’s energy - read South Pole - it ever so repeatedly discharges, they become cold, unhappy, are unsatisfiable, discontent and it is all the man's fault, of course. Instead of giving him her attention and love, she wants to rule and control him. Ignorant and distraught men fight back and thus you have the gender war. But battle has never resolved a conflict, you cannot win a war by creating another one.

This mentality of the feminine in our time is, unfortunately, predicted by 'mother Shipton' in poetic form about 500 years ago.

For in those wondrous far off days
The women shall adopt a craze
To dress like men, and trousers wear
And to cut off their locks of hair
They'll ride astride with brazen brow
As witches do on broomstick now
And wives shall fondle cats and dogs
And men live much the same as hogs

To the poetry that precedes this quotation, mother Shipton tells of a time when humanity does well through the many inventions that make life easier. "...those wondrous far off days". This is the time we are currently living in.
To ride "astride" on a horse like men, with one leg on each side, was seen in her time as a vulgar stance for a woman.
'brazen brow' = looking strictly

A woman feeds a man his strength. When she does, she will be carried by his strength. Behind every great man there’s a great woman, no matter how sad many women may find this statement.

If ‘making love’ would make love, our world would have been saturated with love for centuries by now cause millions of people are/and have been doing it daily for thousands of years. In sex, there is no lasting satisfaction or happiness to be found. To be able to activate the male power within you - read sexuality - to realize your goals and not only using the mind to manipulate your environment with mental power, you will first have to accept it with all your heart. Sexual intercourse therefore is not an end in itself but an exercise, man and woman who learn to surrender unconditionally to each other in love. If you can do it with someone else, you can do it with yourself too. The more you love something, the more it will reveal its secrets to you and sex carries a wonderfully beautiful secret within therefore; when the door of the bedroom closes, forget all prohibitions, enjoy each other and love one another.

Sexual intercourse is the primary school in the education of life.