Let me introduce you to Dolores 74

Her full name is 'Dolores Bailanderitas-Vandersmissen 74'

Her father, 'Juan Bailanderitas', lived in an orange grove somewhere in Spain, a long, long time ago.

One day he thought to himself : “there has to be more to life than just oranges.” Eager to see the whole wide world, he hid himself in a cargo of oranges. Destination ? The unknown.

This cargo arrived in the harbor of Antwerp in Belgium. (Somewhere on the west coast of Europe. We don't have an east coast.)

( ...
The east coast of our continent (Eurasian) belongs to China and Russia. Once you get there, dive into the ‘Pacific’ and swim all the way to the American continent. Say ‘hi’ to their coast guard and ask him the shortest route through America. I believe it is ‘Route 66’. When you reach their east coast, put your swimming suit back on and cross the ‘Atlantic’.

You might consider crossing the Americas through Mexico but that’s ‘Speedy Gonzales’ territory. Please don’t be unfaithful.
If you don’t find any coast guards on the west coast of the Americas, but instead, meet people like this, you’d better ask for the money you paid for your compass back. If you continue in this direction, the people you are about to meet aren’t going to get any better. If you continue even further in this direction, you'll probably never want to leave this part of our world. The American continent is full of surprises.

Anyway ... ...

In the 'Atlantic', be careful not to bump into England. Take a brake at the ‘Isles of Scilly’, which is a nice place. Do not confuse Ireland with the UK. England is the only place in the world where you’d really enjoy being arrested by the police. Cross England or swim around it. One way or another, you have to reach their east coast. Don’t give up, you’re almost there. Now, cross the ‘North Sea’.

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, do not drift north, you'll end up in the harbor of ‘Rotterdam’, which is the Netherlands, and for GOD'S SAKE, do not drift south, as you'll end up in the harbor of ‘Le Havre’, and that is in France. Just head straight east and you'll arrive in the harbor of Antwerp in Belgium.

The Belgian mice family just happens to live between the Dutch and the French cats. The British cats, to our west, have to cross the North Sea, as you are about to, and cats can’t swim. The German cats on our eastern border have not crossed the Rhine River since 1945 so they're kinda cool. It’s the Dutch and French cats that makes us Belgian mice feel like hamburgers.

Once you arrive in the harbor of Antwerp, give me a call and I’ll come with a towel and a real Belgian 'pakske friet'. (You'll be starving by then.)

On our eastern coast, in China or Russia, you could also travel west, over land, so you don’t have to get wet. But then ... ... there are so many countries to cross with so many cultures and languages … … just travel east through America. They’re kind of nice people over there, so I've heard. You might need this to get through.
... )

Here, in the city of Antwerp, at the foot of our beautiful cathedral, Juan’s adventures around the world traveling came to an end, after his first expedition, because he met his wife 'Sara Vandersmissen' and had 96 children with her. (They're mice, right !!!)

Daddy Juan is a musician and loved giving his children musical names, so the first born were called :

Primo, Secunda, Terts, Quart, Quint, Six, Sept, Octa, None and Tiën.

But after 10, mom and dad didn’t know any more and mom wasn’t planning on stopping. So daddy came up with a bright idea. He was to choose the name of the daughters, which would be ‘Dolores’, and mom was to choose the name of the sons, which would be ‘Peter’, followed by the number of birth.

So mom and dad got busy and there was :

Peter 11, Dolores 12, Dolores 13, Peter 14, Dolores 15 … …

Our mouse is a girl, so her name is Dolores, and she was the 74th child in the nest.

What is so special about Dolores 74 ?

Her father Juan came from the south of Spain and his fur is brownish. Her mother, on the other hand, comes from Belgium and her fur is snow white. All the children they had together became a mixture of coffee and milk. Some were more coffee-colored, others more milk-colored. Except number 74, she had inherited mom’s snow white fur completely. No other child, out of the 96, has entirely snow white fur.

So, the 74 is the only white mouse in the nest.

Although birth gave Dolores 74 her mom’s fur, she inherited her father's character. One day she thought to herself : “there has to be more to life than our nest.” So one day she left home to travel the world.

After travelling the world for a long time, 74 enters a home, hoping to find something to eat. In this home, her adventures around the world traveling come to an end. Like her father, but in a complete different way.

In this new home it is, where the story of 'Dolores 74' begins.