The feminine has turned against the masculine and the Church has contributed to this significantly. Still, the Church would’ve never enjoyed such success had there not been more to this than meets the eye. The Church merely capitalised on a situation that had already begun to tip and used it to seize power, the Church has thrown oil on the fire.

Our timeline starts with the birth of Christ. Christianity has only been recognised as the official religion of the Roman Empire in 324 by Emperor Constantine. This benefited him politically, because for 3 centuries Christians had strived to have their faith recognised and a large part of the population already was of Christian faith. The emperor gave the people what they asked for, thereby obtaining their sympathy. We’ve allowed our sexuality to be undermined and the next centuries it went from bad to worse. What is then so wrong with our sexuality?

As explained at the end of the ‘It takes two’ document :

"Sex is not something to fool around with, sexual energy is the utmost pure and divine energy in the whole of the universe. Whatever is not equal to it has to make way. On its way up you will be purified of all your fear, anger, sadness, you will be facing your worst nightmares and it takes many years to reach the top ..."

And this is the big problem now which is the real cause of all the drama, poverty and war in our society and why no one goes on to ‘cleanse’ their soul, choosing rather to deny ourselves and to chase our own tail.

Physical objects do not exist, it’s all data and so our body. It actually comes down to our body being a database. For our body to function optimally, it is important that it is supplied with energy throughout, because our body is the instrument with which we create our lives. If the sound card in your computer doesn’t receive electricity, you will not be able to listen to music. So that energy comes from our male pole that it extracts from our environment. Lack of financial resources, a whirlwind relationship and irreplaceable friends are all parts of our lives, or aspects that don’t get energy. It’s all available here on our planet – beyond our wildest imagination, it’s all there - but we block ourselves, from that which we desire.

The challenge now is to let that masculine energy flow freely throughout your body and into your head, allowing your feminine to shine like a star, marrying our poles together, acquiring mastery over ourselves, creating the life and everything we desire but ... we’re not quite there yet.

Since we go through life unconsciously, we drive around blindfolded, causing one collision after another, resulting in a car - read ‘body’ - full of dents. Dents in the form of anger and sadness, we store this emotional damage in our bodies as new data. When it comes to love, we write that data somewhere in our heart, humiliation and contempt in our lungs and so each dent got a place somewhere in our body.

But this is a big problem, because the data con-tained in those dents is full of negatively charged emotions and that doesn’t feel very pleasant. Time heals many wounds, but we can’t just sit around waiting as we carry around all those unpleasant feelings. We have to do something and what we do is ... we freeze them.
What is frozen you cannot use, if you take food out of the freezer you will have to defrost it first and then warm it up a bit to eat it. If you’ve suffered many love dents, you will freeze your heart zone. A ‘Frozen heart’ is a widely known phenomenon, but you can freeze every part in your body. If you freeze something for many years, something breaks at that place. You might create an accident to get rid of that part of your body in an attempt to ease the pain, you suffer a heart attack, a brain attack or you get cancer in that place you kept frozen for years. In American police shows, officers pull their weapons and then loudly command their attacker to ‘FREEZE’! The term ‘freezing’ in fear is also known. ‘Breaking the ice’ is also a commonly used phrase. As you dive deeper into this subject you discover that even your language hides secrets referring to something we all seem to know. The poles of our planet are frozen, our North and South poles. These poles are the mirror image of the poles in the bodies of the 7.8 billion people on our planet - something to think about.

And this is the main reason why we keep the masculine energy out of our body. After all, our male pole extracts the universal energy from our environment and transforms it into heat. This heat causes all that we have frozen to thaw, which means that we will be confronted again with all our grief, our fears and our anger.

“... On its way up you will be purified of all your fear, anger, sadness, you will be facing your worst nightmares ...”

And this is the main reason that we have willingly let our sexuality decline. Our sexuality now carries an age-old, unspoken taboo, the ‘cleaner’ is forbidden. Suppose now that the taboo is lifted and we start making love with each other freely, even then ‘cleaning’ our soul would not be a pleasant event to look forward to. Facing our greatest fears, sadness and anger is something we prefer to avoid, and we may simply end up abusing free intercourse to get rid of the sexual energy. As long as we don’t know what we’re doing in this unconscious world, we may as well leave the taboo as is ... for the masses that is.

So, it’s not the male himself we are so afraid of why we deny it access to our system, but what he does. If we allow the male energy in, it touches all our Achilles heels and that is something we are not pleased with. We switch into self-denial mode and suppress and discharge that male energy within us.

This procedure of ‘cleansing’ our soul has its ritual in every faith, in the form of baptism. Before you are accepted into a religion you must be baptised, cleansed of all your sins and those sins are of course our fears, sorrows and anger because as long as you are still angry with someone, as long as you are still afraid of something or ashamed of something you will not be able to enter the heavens. Not because heaven will deny you access, but because you block access yourself.

Access to ‘heaven’ is ‘Cathedral-high and highway-wide’ and there is nothing or no one guarding this access. I was privileged to get a look behind the scenes. This experience lasted only a few seconds but was so intense it took a whole day to fade. During my research during my life I learned that people who genuinely desire love are all given such an experience. But nobody talks about it, in this world filled with drama and euros you only risk ridiculing yourself. The road is long and lonely and once you have had such an experience it forms a memory and a motivation that you will keep with you all your life. Then I wrote the poem:


Astonished at the door of love I gazed beyond it all, open wide in front of me not even guarding dogs.

Cathedral-high and highway-wide a wind of love came through, and I was standing still right there and didn’t dare to move.

Billions of us all in love so beautiful and free, and I knew every one of them and all of them knew me.

I pushed away a naughty thought and felt a bit ashamed, but then she walked into my arms and kissed this little fear.

I never took a breath so deep and all was clear to me, I saw into eternity and understood humility.

All about the snake ...
The snake is the symbol for the sexual energy that (should) progresses up into our body. In yoga this is known as Kundalini, Kundalini originated from ancient Hindu texts and yoga manuscripts. Kundalini in Sanskrit means “the rolled up”, clearly a nicer word for “the oppressed”. As explained in this chapter, the rising sexual energy in our body has a healing effect. Is it therefore surprising that the snake appears in the symbol of medicine? As the chapter “The Big Comedy Show of Humanity” shows, we humans know everything but are experts in denying ourselves. Since everyone lies to themselves, one has to be silent for the other and the origin of the snake in the symbol of medicine is put in the shoes of Greek mythology.

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