The bible cannot be correctly interpreted without the right knowledge. We, as humans, are a trinity: an ‘I’-part, a male part, and a female part. This means that God, Adam, and Eve are one and the same person.

Being cast out from paradise means that the ‘I’ has lost control of its female and male parts, causing it to end up in a world without mercy: this material world. God was angered by Adam and Eve because they did not obey him, and denied them access to paradise. Because God – read ‘I’ – has lost control over Adam and Eve, he – ‘I’ – ended up in a world with no mercy, and he saw, and saw that it was no good. He commanded Noah to build an ark to preserve all that was good, and destroy the rest. Is that not what is in all of our hearts? To hold fast that which we love, and to drown the rest? Thankfully, this is not how it works.

This world offers everything we need to conquer what has to be to conquered to regain our access to paradise. Your worst enemy is the key to getting the job done. In the mirror of this world, everything is inverted: your best friend disguises as your worst enemy, and your worst enemy pretends to be your best friend. We all walk each other home.

Eventually, we will all return – some of us will need a few hundred more lifetimes than others - and once the last one has left the planet, the universe will cease to exist as if it had never been. There are indications that this gradual process has already begun: populations are already shrinking in Russia and Japan. Sadly, it will not be finished before the day is over.

The story of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis is closer to home than one might suspect. Our mental or female aspect – Eve – and our sexuality or masculine part – Adam – are in fact those two aspects of ourselves that we cannot control, and that apparently lead lives of their own. If your car’s steering wheel and engine were to lead their own lives, how in heaven’s name would you drive from A to B? It is no different for our mental and sexual components. If we are unable to control both of these aspects and instead let them lead us, how can we expect to guide our lives into the direction we desire? The greatest challenge now is to regain control, and it is that which is the whole reason for life on this planet. The question is: who is living your life? Is it you? Or do you live in the perception of those who live your life?

“In the beginning was the Word; and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

This text is a translation from the Greek language which, in turn, was a translation from the Jewish Hebrew Bible – giving rise to the question: where did the writers of the Jewish Bible obtain their knowledge?

In the Greek text, the term ‘logos’ is used to refer to the ‘Word’. Logos can have various meanings: word, speech, thought, or cause.

The Hebrew language uses the word ‘wisdom’.

In the beginning, there is a ‘thought’ – what you think about, dream of – the ‘word’ or ‘speech’ – you discuss it – the ‘cause’ – you act upon it as though, according to your unproven ‘wisdom’, it were the truth, or in other words: your dream. Since God is the ‘I’, this expression should be interpreted as:

In the beginning, there was a dream – the desire or fantasy – and the dream was with me, and I have become the dream.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dream, but it can also be a point of view, a belief or your "wisdom" and we end up in the Hebrew language. That is what you believe, that is what you are convinced of and so it will be for you.

God does not exist; there is no such thing as a divine being who created earth and the heavens. It is US, together. We are the creators, all of us. We created the planets, the stars, and the entire universe – and, after the fact, ignorant scientists began investigating that which we ourselves created. Science is looking in the wrong direction; you should not study the film, but how it was made and projected onto the big screen. You should not investigate the universe, but look at how the illusion works. So this, once more, is the challenge for scientists: to conquer their arrogance and desire for authority. As with religion, those who are dealing with science are dealing with everything except science or religion.

The deeper you look into space, the bigger it becomes. The deeper you look into matter, the smaller it becomes. The illusion cannot be identified by those who have become lost in it, they only deceive themselves and meanwhile consuming billions of taxpayers money in the process.

Science keeps asking the wrong questions, like: “Where did life come from?”. The right question would be: “Where on earth did earth come from?”. Life was first, WE were first, and WE created our own planet, ALL OF US together.

We created the steam engine, automobiles, aeroplanes, trains, mobile telephony, the internet… For thousands of years, we dreamt of flying like the birds, of journeying beyond the edge of the village of our birth, of travelling the world, of remaining in contact with our loved ones sailing across the seven seas.

Then, one day, when the time is right, one of us will supply the dream and unjustly receive credit for being the inventor. However, all this person is, was the privileged enough to be the right person at the right time to give birth to our dream, to give birth to our creation. If not they, then some other. Technically speaking, this person was no more than the attending gynaecologist. We are the creators, all of us together.

Did NASA went to the moon ? Yes, but we've send them there. Wernher von Braun sold his point of view of exploring our moon to the world using the worldwide celebrity Walt Disney. Hundreds of millions of people started dreaming of successfully visiting the moon and off went our three heroes. Apollo 11 has been watched on TV worldwide by half a billion people. For thousands of years we were wondering about the moon, it was just due to happen. Why didn’t the Soviets succeed ? Because they kept it all secret and didn’t mobilized the power of the dream of the world as Wernher von Braun did. Without us, nobody is going nowhere.

But unfortunately, this applies to that which is negative as well. Those responsible for war are not the warlords, those responsible for dictatorship are not the dictators; it is us, who must conquer our fears. There cannot be day where there is night. There cannot be love where there is fear. As with inventors, warlords and dictators are gynaecologists who render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. We all walk each other home. Looking back on the history of our world, we have made decent progress in this respect. Our past was saturated with war; no matter which part of the planet you look at, there have been tribes, countries, or dynasties at war. If war were to break out today, the countries of the world would sit the warring parties down to convince them to put down their arms. Consider the European nations, for example; previously at war with one another for centuries, they now strive for unity. Albeit with faltering baby steps – we have a long way to go still – but, things are moving in the right direction. Rather bickering politicians then rattling sabres.

“In the beginning was the dream; and the dream was with us, and we have become that dream.”