If man and woman work together we can create the biggest miracle ever thinkable in life; a new human being, a child. But when it comes to creating an abundance of finances, a breath taking away relationship or irreplaceable friends, all of the sudden we are a bunch of Neanderthals painting walls of caves. Miracles we create with our eyes closed - love isn't even needed - but have the greatest trouble creating minor details.

The power of the mind is seriously over estimated. The body is like a beamer wherein the mind is the data. Indeed the mind is very powerful because you can think of whatever you desire.
But a beamer doesn’t only have data, it also has a light. The mind is only one aspect of us and we have two. Without our second aspect the mind is a pen with no ink, and guess what the ink might be.

Read ‘It takes two’ and find out how stuff works. The file has only 4 pages of text, you can read it in 2 minutes. That is all the knowledge you need, unfortunately ... it takes longer to master.

It takes two      Published by Karel Van Tornhaut © 2019
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