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If man and woman work together we can create the biggest miracle ever thinkable in life; a new human being, a child. But when it comes to creating an abundance of finances, a breath taking away relationship or irreplaceable friends, all of the sudden we are a bunch of Neanderthals painting walls of caves. Miracles we create with our eyes closed - love isn't even needed - but have the greatest trouble creating minor details.

The power of the mind is seriously over estimated. The body is like a beamer wherein the mind is the data. Indeed the mind is very powerful because you can think of whatever you desire.
But a beamer doesn’t only have data, it also has a light. The mind is only one aspect of us and we have two. Without our second aspect the mind is a pen with no ink, and guess what the ink might be.

Read ‘It takes two’ and find out how stuff works. The file has only 4 pages of text, you can read it in 2 minutes. That is all the knowledge you need, unfortunately ... it takes longer to master.
It takes two      Published by Karel Van Tornhaut © 2019
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To fully understand what’s written below you must have read the ‘It takes two’ document first.

This video on YouTube starts with telling about three doors, a central main door and two smaller doors. It starts around 5 minutes. The speaker sees a resemblance between ancient buildings and concludes that the same "universal religion" must have existed throughout our world or, as he describes it, a "wisdom tradition." A universal wisdom based on the number 3, the triptych.

08'55 This universal wisdom or religion taught what is called in Latin as: "coincidentia oppositorum" which means "the union or harmony of opposites."

10'00” In Africa, Asia and America, the same religion was taught in ancient times, with as fundamental knowledge the balance of opposites.

11'40” The image below is a photo of the entrance to Rockefeller Center in New York. A main entrance with God above, on the right a door with a man above and on the left a door with a woman above. God is the "I", the woman and man our South and North Pole. In ancient times it was already taught that we should get our woman and man in balance. Why has this wisdom gone lost?
According to Richard Cassaro’s research, the speaker in this video, the brotherhood of freemasonry designed the cathedrals in Europe on behalf of the church. They hid their knowledge as symbolism in these cathedrals. The church got in disagreement with the brotherhood and wanted to get rid of them. It is possible that the church began to understand that the unity of man and woman, the teaching that the brotherhood taught, would create strong people and she would lose her hold on humanity. You can't rule over strong people. It is possible that in that period the Inquisition was created to destroy everything and everyone that taught such a knowledge that could undermine its dominant position.

29'30" Auteur Warren Kenton : "Erected bij the masons, the west front of each church had two towers ... the masculine and feminine aspect ..."

32'20" "... no human of course is completely one gender or the other despite our physical characteristics. We all possess both, masculine and feminine ..."

This video is important evidence for me that the power of man is the unity of man and woman. The "I" must realize a balance between the two opposites within it selves.

It is very unfortunate, but on the other hand also very understandable, that the most essential knowledge that we need to make our happiness, was once present in our history and then got lost and even destroyed by the church with force. After all, if you raise the issue of male / female you cannot get around their sexual relationship with each other and that is exactly where everyone would rather not talk about. Also in this video, Richard Cassaro does not mention a word about it.

This video has English subtitles if you click on the icon at the bottom right.

Richard Cassaro Written In Stone
Richard Cassaro The Missing Link

The country I live, Belgium, has banned Christianity somewhere in the ’70. Of course, still a handful of diehards remain. My country is a place where freedom of religion rules. Whatever religion lives in our world you will be able to find a group of people who practice it and therefor also Christianity of course. The majority of the citizens of my country however, do no longer practice any religion at all anymore and so does I do not. I am not a anti-religion person but true knowledge has gone lost for many centuries. Religions are dealing with everything except religion as they have always done so. Christianity has had 2.000 years to make this world a better place and personally I believe it has not done a good job in doing so. Therefore we must abandon religions and go our own way to find the truth. Although, we can keep ‘Holy books’ to discover some clues as I do with the gospel of Thomas.

In the gospel of Thomas I discover another clue that states what I claim to say how stuff works. The introduction to this gospel says:

"These are the hidden words that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas wrote them down.”

The gospel of Thomas has only recently been discovered in Egypt in 1945 and therefore it has been saved from the censorship of the Church over the centuries. Unfortunately, it is written in some secret language no one understands. In this document I discovered two sentences dealing with the male and female aspect in us. It is mentioned twice therefore it must be of some significance. If this document is authentic, those words were written 2000 years ago.

These are the two sentences I’m referring to :

48 Jesus says: “If two make peace with one another in one and the same house, (then) they will say to the mountain: ‘move away,’ and it will move away.”

106 Jesus says: “When you make the two into one, you will become sons of man/Adam. And when you say ‘Mountain, move away,’ it will move away.”

In those two sentences Jesus talks about ‘making two into one’, to make ‘peace’. Those ‘two’ are nothing less than the male and female aspect in us. The same thing Richard Cassaro talks about in his video : ‘a balance between opposites.’ The same thing fairytales talk about : ‘the prince who kisses the princess.’

‘In one and the same house’. Nowadays we refer to the body as a vehicle of the soul (me). It makes sense because we are no trees, we move around. In the days of Jesus, cars did not exist and the body was referred to as the house the soul lives in. Therefore those ‘two’ Jesus talks about are located in our body.
He also says ‘the same house’. This is very important, it means in the same body. The male and female aspect in the same body. Not man and woman but male and female aspect within us.

If you say to a mountain : ‘move away and it will move away,’ it literally means that whatever you think of will happen. With this knowledge in mind it gives us a new perspective of how those impossible stone structures were built in the ancient past like the pyramids of Giza, the structures in Peru, Stonehenge and so many more all over our world. It is a way to look at it as the research of Richard Cassaro reveals that this knowledge has been around worldwide for thousands of years. But this subject is beyond the scope of my goal in life.

‘becoming sons of man/Adam’ Depending on the website I visit, some talk about ‘man’ others talk about ‘Adam.’ In the biblical story, Adam was the first human God created who lived in the garden of Eden with his beloved one Eva. If you happen to be a child of Adam, you are most likely to inhered his paradise. How about wondering around naked in paradise with your loved one in your hand. Isn’t that an awesome thought to look forward to ?

If you don’t know about the ‘double slit experiment’, please ask Google, it is very well documented on the net.

Physical objects, do not exist, everything is waves and those waves contain information or data. To make this data visible you need a device. When a TV station broadcasts, the data is carried on a radio wave and to make it visible you need a TV. The device needed to make the information visible, the waves of life contain, is us.

The average hearing range for humans is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, whatever sound is outside this range we can’t hear. So it is with translating or interpreting data from the waves of life, it has limitations. A particle is too small for us and outside our range therefore we are not able to translate the information. Part one of the experiment is a particle in its raw form moving through all the other waves of life without a device to make it visible. Just like a TV that is not tuned proper, you only receive the noise.

The moment you observe it with a detector you have a device that is an extension of us, we can no longer deny it and automatically we - not the detector - translate the data and not only translate the data but also process it. This means that we define the final outcome. First we translate the data, the data says it is an object, therefore it has to behave as an object. Everything in life has to obey rules and those rules are predefined, just to have stuff organized, and according to these rules we process the data. These rules are the laws of physics but rules are only rules and rules are made to be broken.

The object is heading towards a panel to collide with and we process this information accordingly because that’s the law and there you have it, a pattern on the panel that responds with a particle. Therefore it doesn't matter where you put the detector, whether the data becomes a particle before or after the double slit doesn’t matter. The wave becomes a particle the moment the observer knows it. The moment the observer knows it is a particle the processing starts the moment it left the canon.

Although the way we process data is still unknown it happens in a similar way we process other data like vision, sound, smell, taste and touch. When we hit a wall we will hurt ourselves, not because the wall is solid but because that’s the law of collision and this law is perfectly defined with mathematical formulas. All our brains have to do is the math to compute the result whether or not somebody has to call for an ambulance.

In a computer simulation, for example; colliding objects, this collision has to obey rules that are defined with parameters by the software. No physical objects are used in the computer, it is all data and so is life, there are no physical objects, it is all data, we all live in a giant simulation. The information taken from to create this simulation is the real world we refer to as the afterlife. The difference between those two is that in the simulation we live on a sphere and in the real world we live in layers, layers of consciousness. We don’t live on a planet floating in space we live in waves of "light" carrying information. You can see and hear all of this on your TV as noise.

The data radio waves contain are video and audio. The data the waves of life contain are video, audio, smell, taste, dimension, location and a lot more. If we are able to master this we can walk through walls because walls do not exist and neither does the body, it is all waves, it is all data.

The double slit experiment proves that there is nothing out there, it is in the mind of the observer that it all comes into existence.

We don’t only observe, translate and process data but we can also transmit waves with data ourselves to change existing data or to create new. To make existing data visible you only need a device, but to create your own stuff you also need light because light is the carrier wave that holds the data. To be able to intervene with the waves around us and/or to create, we have to emit this light, the carrier wave. This is not as weird as it sounds like. When we see people who are head over heels in love we say :”You shine so beautiful.” The data this light is able to contain are our thoughts and this is what the “It takes two” document is all about, we have to learn to shine like a star.

7.8 Billion of us on this planet and nobody knows none of this ?
Really ?

This is Karel Van Tornhaut