7.8 Billion of us are living in quarantine on a sphere we cannot leave. The measures the universe is taking for a virus are much more sophisticated than any we humans would be able to impose. Living on a sphere means that, during your life, you can go in any direction you want to, you'll always return to the same place you started from. Even if the trip was beautiful, full of challenges, you climbed mountains and crossed oceans, one day you will return to where you left from. Even if we could travel to other galaxies in the future, and we could live on another planet after we’ve exhausted ours, it still would be another sphere and we’d return to the start again. We live our lives in circles, history keeps repeating itself and no one is noticing.

We are born into a world that doesn’t care. 7.8 Billion people produce a new human every two seconds; tick tock, tick tock. What does it matter? Who are you? Every store has a doormat that says “Welcome”, but you’re not welcome; it’s your bank account that is being received with open arms. The more money your spend, the more welcome you are.

But, you’re young, powerful, full of energy and you’re going to do something about that. Anyone can choose any direction in life they want to; something that suits them. You become an artist, or a musician, you can be a painter, sculptor or a literary artist. Or will you choose the scientific route? Maybe you will be a professor at some university, become an authority in the world of knowledge and you’ll decide what kids should learn at school or perhaps you will make a new discovery and your name will be mentioned in history books. Are you entering the business world? You can go in any direction you choose; no one will stop you from accumulating fortunes. You can start a career and make it all the way to CEO, or you can build a financial empire, your own company.

During your lifetime, you can enjoy your success, if you actually achieve it. If you’ve become an idol, your fans will worship you and as a celebrity, your picture will appear on the covers of magazines. You may be appreciated as someone who is highly educated in the world of scientists or respected as a successful businessperson or as president. With a bit of luck and belief in yourself, you can reach a top somewhere. Even if it’s only in that little village where you grew up and which you never left.
But it all passes; you get older, your power diminishes and your beauty disappears. Times change and you can no longer follow it all. Even the most beautiful women eventually turn into old hags and the most handsome men into old geezers.

The younger generation is not interested in your music anymore, they have new idols now, with different styles, better than yours. The movies you played in are no longer being shown. After all, technology has advanced and everything is now done digitally. The company you started during your lifetime is now in the hands of the next generation and they don’t appreciate your involvement and want to do things their own way. You were the president or prime minister of your country, but by now so many others have come after you and times have changed; we no longer engage in politics the way you did. Your country doesn’t even remember you were ever in charge. If you have made your fortune, the only thing your family will still be interested in is inheriting it. People who bought your works of art will wait till you’re dead, so that the value of the works you sold them will rise and they can sell their investments for a lot of money.

You are once again all alone in a world that doesn’t give a flying fig about you, back to the start, back from where you left many years ago.

Lonely and alone, you wait for it to be over; old, tired and forgotten. There was one thing that was your only incentive for your whole life; it inspired you to do all you did, it was what you were always striving for, what you longed for and never reached, and that was ... love. And if you ever did find it, it was just for a short time and then it disappeared again.

We live on a sphere; you can go in any direction you want, but there will come a day that you will return to where you once started from ... to yourself.

If you tell an alcoholic that he has a drinking problem, his answer will be: “Me? A drinking problem? A bottle of whiskey a day; no problem what so ever.” And he’s even proud of it as well.

Self-denial is the guard of the quarantine. Your whole life, you’ve been looking at yourself in others and you have always been in denial of that.

Everybody wants to rule the world but no one knows how to do it.
Love isn’t something you get, love is something you are.