Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are fairy tales that were passed on verbally because people couldn't read or write. That is why it's impossible to find out how old these fairy tales truly are and who the original authors were. The earliest written version of Sleeping Beauty was found in the French chivalry novel "Perceforest" from 1340. That of Snow White only in 1812, recorded by the German Brothers Grimm in their book "Kinder- und Hausmšrchen".
Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and fell asleep. If you've ever seen a spinning wheel, there isnít really anything on it you could prick your finger on for it to bleed. Its meaning in the story therefore, must be symbolic.

This spinning wheel suggests that the origin of this fairy tale should be sought somewhere in Germany because there is a phrase in the German language that says: "Ihr spinnt wohl" (he spins wool). The verb "spinning" is used by all Germans as a synonym for "being crazy".

And so this is exactly what our thinking does, it spins like a spinning top like itís crazy. You argue with people, discussions youíll probably never have, you convince yourself of facts that arenít true at all, or rather, you talk gibberish. The feminine within us makes use of thought and she can, just like real women, be darn tempting. She can put thoughts into our mind that are hard to resist and not to get lost in, and we keep spinning, our thinking spins like a spinning top, like the wheel of a spinning wheel.

We humans can't focus our attention to different things at the same time, you can't ; Šnd read a book Šnd listen to music at the same time. Your attention switches from the music to your book and from your book to the music. If you're texting while driving, you type some text on your phone, look at the road, type more text and then focus your attention on the road again.

As explained in the chapter "Disorientation of the poles", the mind distances itself from our sexuality by focusing its attention on itself. Making our thoughts 'spin' is the technique it uses. If you are constantly talking in your head, all your attention goes to the subject you are thinking about and you out-talk any erotic feeling that comes up. You can test this out on a close girlfriend; slowly move your finger towards her crotch, the closer your finger gets, the faster she will talk.

There are two ways for the feminine - the mind - to withhold the masculine; an active and a passive way.

The passive way is by fleeing from it and suppressing it; you actively occupy yourself with other things so all your attention is always focused there.

The active way is by attacking it. The female will create such erotic images until you sink to your knees. It forces you to look for a partner or to take the initiative in your own hands to get rid of that energy. When you have discharged the energy is gone and the female has got what she wanted and settles down, out of the body, away from her. The universal energy is not constantly banging on your door but knocks once in a while. The emergence of erotic feelings are pulses. The fire dragon doesn't constantly spit fire either but once in a while a flame. Maybe that's why it's compared with a frog for women; every now and then it croaks.

Whether you are someone who is actively or passively engaged, it is always the thinking that does not let go and drives you. An erotic pulse has occurred, and your mind gets into action. But if our female is always the boss in the house, demanding all the attention to herself, purely out of self-interest, said it passively or actively, there is no room left to 'listen' to your male, and that doesnít remain without consequence.
And so this is what the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty is all about; we prick ourselves on the spinning of our thoughts. All attention is on the feminine, the masculine is ignored, the energy he offers is denied, the connection between your South- and North Pole is severed and we fall into a state of unconsciousness or, in other words, we fall asleep. You can compare it by unplugging the internet connection of your computer. Suddenly thereís no more contact with the universe and on top of that, the light goes out and we see nothing anymore.

The flow of universal energy through our body gives a pleasant feeling of warmth and soft satisfaction and this wonderful feeling is gone. Ignorantly we grope in the dark and we go off in search of that pleasant feeling and that real unconditional love of the universe in the wrong direction. Compare it when you are hungry in your dreams ; you can eat and eat and eat but the hunger doesnít go away, of course not, you are looking for food in the wrong direction. What you have to do is to wake up, go to the kitchen, fix yourself a sandwich and go to sleep again. And so it is with true love and lasting satisfaction ... we have to wake up.

In the Walt Disney's film, Sleeping Beauty sings in the forest with the animals and the birds, she is happy and that is what we have lost. The inner connection with everything that lives, not only on earth but in the whole of the universe; everything and everyone who are in loves with you and whom you are in love with. Swimming with the whales and the sharks, playing with the biggest cats like lions and tigers, not a single animal that will harm you and they understand very much every word you say even if they don't talk back. Compare it you being a celebrity on stage, performing your music to some 100,000 fans on a meadow who all sing your songs with you and dance to your music. This is very weakly expressed how an inner connection feels like with everything and everyone on earth and throughout the universe. An awesome feeling of love that fills your entire chest and the gentle pleasure of the peaceful flow of universal energy throughout your body. Being in love with everything and everyone and being loved by everything and everyone.

In Walt Disney's film, the fire dragon appears after the prince has cleared his way through the thorn bush with his sword. The dragon however, appears before it because it is with the 'blood' of the dragon that we clear our way up through all our unpleasant feelings.

The transition from the conscious to unconscious state we do not notice; suddenly, we find ourselves in a world that knows no mercy and we don't even know it. We all experience a similar state at least once a day, and that is when we go to sleep. First, you are wide awake, but then you are in your dreams. All kinds of events happen, you dream about people you know, you can fly and/or breathe under water, and at that moment when you are dreaming you think it's all real and are not aware that you are actually sleeping in your bed. You don't even know when you actually fell asleep and your dream started. The only thing you find out is that you were dreaming when you wake up.

And so is the awakening when your prince kisses your princess, when the connection between your South- and North Pole is re-established. Suddenly you wake up, the cosmic internet connection is re-established and the light comes back on. In the fairy tale of Snow White, the poisonous piece of apple flies out of her throat. When we 'wake up', we suddenly 'see' how it's all put together again and repair and rebuild our body exactly the way we want it; beautiful, young and full of energy.

In the fairy tale, not only the princess but the whole castle wakes up. Compare this to when you are dreaming about your relationship, your husband/wife, or your children. In your dream, all kinds of events occur with them, pleasant/unfortunate. However, then you wake up and discover that your relation is still lying dead asleep in bed next to you because he/she is a long sleeper and/or your children are already complicating everything.

When traveling for a few years on the road on the inside, you become more and more aware that it seems as if the whole world is indeed asleep, whatever the words were of Leonardo Da Vinci :

"I awoke only to find that the rest of the world was still asleep".