The country I live, Belgium, has banned Christianity somewhere in the ’70. Of course, still a handful of diehards remain. My country is a place where freedom of religion rules. Whatever religion lives in our world you will be able to find a group of people who practice it. The majority of the citizens of my country however, do no longer practice any religion at all anymore and so does I do not. I am not a anti-religion person but true knowledge has gone lost for many centuries. Religions are dealing with everything except religion as they have always done so. Christianity has had 2.000 years to make this world a better place and personally I believe it has not done a good job in doing so. Therefore we must abandon religions and go our own way to find the truth. Although, we can keep ‘Holy books’ to discover some clues as I do with the gospel of Thomas.

In the gospel of Thomas I discover another clue that states what I claim to say how stuff works. The introduction to this gospel says:

"These are the hidden words that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas wrote them down.”

The gospel of Thomas has only recently been discovered in Egypt in 1945 and therefore it has been saved from the censorship of the Church over the centuries. Unfortunately, it is written in some secret language no one understands. In this document I discovered two sentences dealing with the male and female aspect in us. It is mentioned twice therefore it must be of some significance. If this document is authentic, those words were written 2000 years ago.

These are the two sentences I’m referring to :

48 Jesus says: “If two make peace with one another in one and the same house, (then) they will say to the mountain: ‘move away,’ and it will move away.”

106 Jesus says: “When you make the two into one, you will become sons of man/Adam. And when you say ‘Mountain, move away,’ it will move away.”

In those two sentences Jesus talks about ‘making two into one’, to make ‘peace’. Those ‘two’ are nothing less than the male and female aspect in us. The same thing Richard Cassaro talks about in his video : ‘a balance between opposites.’ The same thing fairytales talk about : ‘the prince who kisses the princess.’

‘In one and the same house’. Nowadays we refer to the body as a vehicle of the soul (me). It makes sense because we are no trees, we move around.
In the days of Jesus, cars did not exist and the body was referred to as the house the soul lives in. Therefore those ‘two’ Jesus talks about are located in our body.

He also says ‘the same house’. This is very important, it means in the same body. The male and female aspect in the same body. Not man and woman but male and female aspect within us.

If you say to a mountain : ‘move away and it will move away,’ it literally means that whatever you think of will happen. With this knowledge in mind it gives us a new perspective of how those impossible stone structures were built in the ancient past like the pyramids of Giza, the structures in Peru, Stonehenge and so many more all over our world. It is a way to look at it as the research of Richard Cassaro reveals that this knowledge has been around worldwide for thousands of years. If you open this option we can conclude that there have been people in those days who were actually mastering it. In the eyes of the common people they must have been Gods. If a lot of those people had different opinions it is quite understandable that something has gone terribly wrong and mankind had to start all over again. Therefore, today if you are able to accomplish this skill you have to leave. As always, we learn from our mistakes. It is just a thought because this subject is beyond the scope of the document.

‘becoming sons of man/Adam’ Depending on the website I visit, some talk about ‘man’ others talk about ‘Adam.’
All religions are male dominated institutions. What about the women you might say. It is the king and the queen, the emperor and the empress, the tsar and the tsarina, the president and the first lady. But that does not exist in religions, if there is a God than where is the Goddess ? The reason for this is a misunderstanding and/or ignorance, but most of all by lack of a word. We are spiritual identities who are not a man, not a woman but have both genders. This is not possible in the physical world but it is in the spiritual world. The gender we have in this physical world is the dress we are wearing. Therefore the Gods in all religions are bi-gender beings as we are too. The God and the Goddess are actually one and the same person, the divine unity of man and woman. So, how do you call a bi-gender being, it does not exist and if it does not exist we have no word for it. You might call it hermaphrodite but that sounds more like a disease than a being. By lack of a better word it is called ‘man’ we also talk about ‘mankind’. Becoming ‘sons of man’ means, becoming aware of who we are and joining the world of all those who are already there. Adam might probably have been the first one to arrive.

Life has nothing to do with mysteries, spirituality, religion or secrets,
whoever believes otherwise will be seriously disappointed.

God does not exist, it is us, all of us together.