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Poetry : Karel Van Tornhaut - Music : Game of Thrones by Laura Platt & Pascal Michael Stiefel - Movie : Netflix/Our Planet

Made by : Karel Van Tornhaut - Music : Ave Maria (Gounod 1818-1893) Kimmy Skota - Abdré Rieu & orchestra

Made by : Karel Van Tornhaut - Music : Lighting a Candle by MilkMan Dan

Music : LaTour People Are Still Having Sex - Movie : Celebrities Then and Now

  • The poor beg for money as the rich beg for attention and love.
  • The nipple and the dick are at war and by doing so they imprison themselves.
  • Sex is an addiction such as tobacco, alcohol or drugs and any addiction leads to death.
  • Grant it permission to exist and it will leave you alone or disappears altogether.